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sight on the streets of los angeles. there is a live picture of the retired shuttle endeavor. >> it's been a remarkable sight. and it's going two miles per hour but really it's just inching along and trying to force its way through these neighborhoods. you can see here from this view, it's on its way to a new home at the california science center to make its way from l.a.x. to the final resting place it had to make this journey on the ground here. you can see there are power lines, power poles and things in its way there along this journey. >> as carolyn mentioned a lot of trees had to be cut down in preparation. take a look at the people. it's such an odd sight. i mean, you can see crazy things in los angeles on the roadways but this has to be the most bizarre. look at the tight squeeze. imagine responsibility of having to drive the shuttle endeavor a little bit to the right. a little left. >> it's incredible. we're streaming this journey life and -- live and will be checking in on next half hour as well. >> you can watch forever and you'll have a chance to over two days.. >> it wi
it now on i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> a judge on "dancing with the stars" thought one dance was so good, it knocked her off her feet. >> this sultry rumma earned a nearly perfect score. the judge soim pressed with the dance she couldn't contain herself, or her balance. take a look. >> oh, oh. >> carey ann got a big hug after the tumble. melissa ryekroft is back after suffering a herniated disc over the weekend. there will be no elimination because of abc news coverage of the presidential debate. the scores from last night and tonight will be added to next week's scores. i think that was her chair that tipped back. >> there is always some drama on that show. >> coming up the race for president getting more aggressive. how both candidates are trying to win votes during the final two weeks before election day. >> is this the future of driving? the government makes a move that could speed up process of >>> the debates are over. we're now just two weeks from november election, last night's debate focused on foreign policy. today both candidates back on the campaign trail. >
or nonexistent trips from brooklyn to los angeles hundreds of federal agents strike together to send one clear message to crooks. >> health care fraud never been a worse proposition than today. you're more likely to get caught if do you make a fraudulent claim wh. you do, you'll pay a bigger price. >> in one case officials say a doctor finds stacks of document was out review in a scheme to bring in as much money as fast as he could. >> and now, we want to share a day at the beach for a father and son struck by lightning kite surfing in florida a 14-year-old thought he had lost his father. he says he saw a big white flash, dropped the kite and saw his dad on the ground. and stinging from pain, ky sprang into action. >> i was like dad, and he was like, wake up, everything. these people started running to him. >> you hear about danger of people getting struck. i never thought would it happen to me. >> and this is just amazing they both survived. to celebrate both intend to go out to do kite surfing. >> there is the bay area home to the oldest bottle nosed dolphin. he's settling in in vallejo, liv
a shooting spree in los angeles. the gunman remains on the loose. at this moment investigators are working two crime scenes, one is a home in downey. a woman found dead. the other is a safety safety business near by. a man and woman were killed. two others were also injured. a motive is unclear at this time. >> oaklanbç÷ mayor and business leaders touting their city's booming downtownv: restoration of frank ogawa plaza. >> it comes on the eve of the one-year anniversaryzázÑ# police dismantling the first occupy encampment on the same plaza. >> happening now city leaders celebrate a renaissance in the downtown area the lawn has been restored but the celebration comes a day before demonstrators plan to,0 reoccuy ogawa plaza on the one-year anniversary of police moving in on the encampment. nearly 100 people were arrested in what became a day and night of sometimes violent demonstrations. in oakland abc 7 news. >> right now hurricane sandy is pounding gentleman makea. it heads for land fall. airports are closed, cruise ships cancelled port stops. a curfew is now in place. the hurricane ex
out who. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> still to come vp candidate taking center stage. we'll preview the vice presidential debate. >> a san jose mayor with $100,000 campaign contribution. who got the money, now, who is crying foul. >> it's not a token amount. >>> the one and only vice presidential debate is tonight. you can expect vice president joe biden to tout the latest jobs report. the labor department says first time unemployment claims fell to lowest levels in four and a half years. a total of 339,000 people applied for benefits last week. the figure has not been that low since february, 2008 before the president took office. abc 7 news joins us now with a preview of tonight's debate. mark? >> the experts say numbers you're talking about suggest that hiring is strong enough to lower the unemployment rate? it's going to come out four days before the election, that number will, tonight everybody's attention is being turned to kentucky. >> round two. this time it's number twos taking center stage. the race tightening the showdown between the vice president joe biden an
springs take a look at the heat in los angeles 91 the high in los angeles to. 78 in big sur. here in the bay area, our warming trend will continue fom. we'll see sunny skies from coast toinland looking for mid to upper 60s on the coast. 66 in half moon bay tomorrow. 73 will be the high here in san francisco. 78 across the bay in oakland up into north bay 85 the high in santa rosa. 84 in napa. 85 concord and livermore. down south 80s in san jose. 84 morgan hill. 81 in santa cruz. warmth is on. heat will be on wednesday and thursday. we'll see high temperatures above 90 degrees by mid week. quite a warm up coming our way. feels like summer again. enjoy it. ill it can't last forever. >> thank you, spencer. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 rare delivery from a cheetah mom much to the delight of zoo keepers from the land down under. >> i'm michael finney. car insurance companies love to advertise low rates to get to you sign up. how long before they can raise rates? your consumer questions answered, straight ahead. >> hi there, coming up at 5:00 alarming rate that seafood is bein
before the tour the singer said she uses guns as symbols of intollerance. >> back here in los angeles premier of the movie "chasing maverick". >> i have taken a couple rides the year before the movie. then, i thought what a great way to have to learn to be able to tell a story about a thing, you know? >> it hits theaters friday. for all of your entertainment news head over to >> tom hanks and abc are apologizing after after the star accidentally let a swear word slip on "good morning america". >> i loved the movie. don't throw me on the street. can you speak in that accent? >> we have mic issues. most of them are swear words. >> if you say witness an accent like that. >> yes. >> oh! >> we're so sorry... uh... good morning america? >> man, oh, man. >> oh, boy. hanks apologized saying next time he's on "good morning america" there will be a seven second delay. >> oops. >> more still to come at 4:00. he was known as victim number one during jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. >> victim means people feel sympathy for you. i don't want that. >> now he talks in an abc news inter
for anything but a steal. >> and a-litters recount to fans, in los angeles coming up, the important questions coming from leonardo dicaprio and his friends. >> and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza now, very smooth sailing for drivers making their way across the bridge towards san francisco and beyond. stay with us. abc 7 news >>> a couple celebrities are getting political with fan autos and today as big announcement, the oscar host. here is rachel smith with details. >> the 85th academy awards now has a face. show producers announced seth mcfarl ynd will be the next host. recently giving voice to the inappropriate teddy bear in the blockbuster ted and says this big is -- gig is an overwhelming privilege and wrote my thoughts were one, i will do my utmost to live up to high standards and two, i hope they didn't find out i hosted the charlie sheen roast. now to adele, the new voice behind 007. she co-wrote and performed the theme song and there is what is important to you in the ledge? >> -- election? >> for leonardo dicaprio, celebrities are all over this public service announcement
's going to be a pleasant day. 67 in los angeles there is a lovely asaturday starting with mainly sunny skies into afternoon hours, there is a nice mild temperature range. there is a lot going on here partly cloudy skies, mainly sunny skies gearing up for the display of the blue angels into afternoon starting at 1:00 gearing up for races at 4:00 p.m. sunny skies, mild conditions, temperatures into evening hours we'll see partly cloudy skies and there is playoff baseball at ask t park there are giants take on reds. and there is partly cloudy skies, temperatures dropping from low 60s to upper 50s so this looks like great conditions for baseball and there is a great weekend. going to be wild and there is earlier you mentioned, take public transportation. >> partly cloudy means partly clear. >> and thank you. >> if you're a baseball fan we want to see your post season pride, e mail giants and a fan photos to you report at we'll be showing them on the air and look how cute she is. >> and just ahead of cracking down on cell phone theft. why san francisco is doing to help keep you s
, will be on the panel next monday night. but first, catch this week's show tonight at 8:00. and i'm tony cabrerra in los angeles. >> kim kardashian's rocky love life is the subject of a comic book mark shah piero authored 15 minutes kim kardashian. and the publisher printed graphic novels about britney spears, justin beib re. z president ob yaum. >> taking a look at what is going on with prices at the pump. >> skyrocketing prices cautioning a resolve at the pump. consumers angry. the republican party trying to turn it into a campaign issue. i'll have a live report coming up. and the president counting his fund raising cash after a light in the bayer. >> a cancer patient says she was humiliated at the >>> california republicans doing a bit of fund raising putting out an appeal today blaming the president for ininaction over the spice in gas prices. average price is $4.74. and there is where abc 7 news is ef live for us tonight. >> you can imagine, gas prices are high, running about 49 cents a gallon higher, you can understand at the pump when people are complaining. california g.o.p. seizing this situati
. back to our forecast for our area, it's warm, 85 in los angeles. closer to home highs ranging from 76 in half moon bay to 80 in san francisco. low 90s inland east bay at fairfield, antioch and livermore. >> all right. thank you. >> okay. >> just ahead the one small thing you can do every day to help prevent cancer. why researchers say this can make a big difference. >> first worried about identity theft? coming up on 7 on your side identity theft protection. is it worth the money? we'll take a look at that. >> hi there, abc 7 newsroom coming up at 5:00 drug store giant under investigation for prescription refills patients say were made without their consent. it is raising questions of insurance fraud tonight. the government cracks down on cosmetics giant for making antiwrinkle claims it may never be able to deliver. those stories and more coming up at 5:00. >> a new study raises concerns about infant form la. researchers say the longer a child is fed form you'lla, the longer the chances of developing pediatric leukemia. the findings were released today m a cancer conference in souther
in los angeles. >> we'll have to wait until tonight's episode of "dancing with the stars" to see if contestent melissa ryekroft can compete. she injured her neck yesterday on the side of the show. she was diagnosed with a herniated disc. abc says her ability to perform tonight will be a show time decision. you can catch it tonight on abc 7 begin agent 8:00 followed by jep ti, wheel of fortune, and then, prime time what would you do at 10:00. >> there is something else to watch tonight. >> a special guest president obama invited to the presidential take its your last cans to see candidates on stage together before the election. what tonight's focus will be. >> victims of the san bruno pipeline blast turning up pressure now on the california public utilities commission. why they're demanding top regulator be removed. >> also decision that officially takes lance armstrong's name out of >> you can stand and say to the governor we want this removed. >> susan lost three relatives in the pg&e explosion in 2010. she with several other residents stepped up the pressure for removing the pr
to warm conditions, high temperatures into 70s in chico and yosemite, 82. 95 in palm springs. 77 in los angeles. the rain up in pacific northwest could produce clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two. remainder of the state will be nice, mild and dry tomorrow including the bay area. we'll see foggy conditions overnight and early morning hours. but for daytime, we're looking at sunny skies, mild conditions tomorrow, high temperatures from low 60s at the coast to mid to upper 70s in the warmest inland loks. now -- loks. now we're looking to halloween. it's going to be cloudy during the day. there is a chance of rain at night. as bruce bocci would say it's not a very special storm but it's our only storm. >> thank you for that. >> very good. >>> two actors who have gone on to huge acclaim were honored today. >> yes. they're benjiman bratt and aneeka noni-rose, receiving acg conserve terry awards. he's a san francisco native going on to "law and order" and a lot of movie roles she won a tony in new york and starring roles in films "dream girls" and "princess and the frog". he was more excited ab
in the southwest. we'll see warm to hot conditions down throughout the interior sections of the state. 95 in los angeles. hot for l.a.. here in the bay area we'll see high temperatures into low 90s inland locations like clover dale and clear lake. 82 in oakland. it's going to sizzle thursday as well. enjoy the heat. >> outstanding. >> thank you. >> nice job. >> yes. >> still to come at 4:00 daring art theft in europe. details on masterpieces taken in the dead of night. >> promising to get rid of stains, i'm michael finney. >> without a microphone. >> coming up i'll let you know which one >>>tings were stolen overnight from a museum in the netherlands among a private collecti ondispy. thintingsthreds millions be soldn op' too wel ma bheresrg k rket for solen paintings. the thieves bypassedwo by >> twoo-consumerews now there are many cleaners on shelfs to choose from. all claiming they do a gat job. manyan get the job done? >> michael finney with extensive experience of ding dishes. >> they're hoping uncover the bestll purpose cleaner. itook hours too this. in the en only one gothe job done. >>no
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14